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Author Fay Daley - Author of A Call to Fast at 2008 I Love to Read Book Fair

Author Fay Daley - Author of A Call to Fast at 2008 I Love to Read Book Fair

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Fay Daley - Author of A Call to Fast

Book Review by Jon Karr: When most people think of fasting, they imagine a painful deprivation, reserved mostly for monks and Old Testament characters. Daley's book shatters that notion by showing that fasting is more about rebirth than death. Rather than destroying health by depriving the body, a fast restores health by purifying the body. She outlines a program of fasting that focuses primarily upon total body health and well-being.

Toxins at any given time, there are a shocking number of toxins at work in our bodies. It is easy to miss the correlation between our eating habits and our spiritual lives until we take a closer look at these toxins and their effects. Poor eating habits allow a buildup of poisonous materials in the body, which can lead to stress, irritability, or tiredness. These feelings often manifest themselves spiritually and emotionally through anger or laziness, causing us to lose our peace and serenity.

The Journey and The attitude we have toward our bodies is in many ways a direct reflection of the attitude we have toward our spiritual lives. A fast is more than a physical journey; it is about a closer walk with God. A fast is a journey of spiritual awakening, a period of renewed dependence upon God and an opportunity for a deepened relationship with Him through prayer and meditation.

The Call This book is comprehensive, covering all aspects of the physical and spiritual journey of fasting. It is backed by Daley's years of experience leading fasts for the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York. She includes moving testimonials, inspirational and empowering scripture readings, and thorough and detailed fasting schedules with charts and tips to help along the way. Daley's program offers hope for those who want to rid their bodies and lives of deadly toxins. With God's help, we can eat better and live healthier lives. The question is, "Do you hear the call?"

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